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Springtree Road Handspun Yarn

Hi guys its been forever since i posted i have been knitting a lot lately finished 2 project with  Maya from Springtree Road Handspun Yarn. The first project i did with her yarn was a twisted cowl made in Maya and Alecia (Madbird) September KAL

And here the last one from the KAL the finished cowl on me

Than i made a slouchy hat in 2 different yarns from Maya it Fortress and Kohl.

Maya handspun yarn was great to knit with i cant wait to find the next yarn of hers that i want to make a knitwear with 🙂 I going talk to Maya tomorrow to see i can add some picture she took of all 3 yarns i used in these 2 projects.


another hat

here are some picture of  another  hat  i made. These picture were taking before i felted.  Right now the hat still wet from felting but i love so much more  can want to take picture of it when it dry.

back hat

The back of my head


my friend Courtney with the hat on she goofing off


i should be doing my art history homework but instead i am post images of 2 hat i finished and just never put up here. theses hats are the same pattern but one has earflap and the other doesnt both fohawk were felted. I somehwta used this pattern





this hat is bright orange because my freind is a hunter and his going to wear this during hunting season!





yes i know my friends are crazy but were artist so that a given  🙂

Anthony’s Hat

I just wanted to post some picture of  the hat i crocheted today it took me about 4 hours to finishes complete at work. I also found out i crochet very big compared to patterns so i had to restart this hat a couple times…….lol now on to my great aunts shawl  🙂

hat Finished hat

I made him wear the hat so i could have a picture

I made him wear the hat 😛

side of the hat

Lovc to hear comments about the hat. i will find the link to the pattern i kinda followed and post it here later 🙂