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Update 1 on Picture of thousands of words

well i been working with the picture given to me by TipsyFox, so far i have taken the picture into photoshop, and used the cutedges filter to get this.

i also start on the the hat and part of the face. With the hat i made 1 color instead of  the couple lighter areas since the man focus is on Tipsyfox and Zander.  below is the closeup on Tipsyfox face so you can see the 2 area i started to add text. I loved the pin Tipsyfox was wearing on the hat so i made that a little more detail.



for the hat i keep repeating:

K = Knit, P = Purl, Beg = Beginning, st (s) = Stitches, Ch = Chain, Sl = Slip, Sl st = Slip stitch, Psso = pass slip stitch over knit stitch, CC = Contrasting Color, Dec = Decrease, Inc =  Increase, Lp  = Loop, MC = Main Color,Pat = Pattern(s), Rem = Remaining, Rep = Repeat, St st = Stockinette Stitch, Tog = Together, Cast on- Your first stitch requires you to “cast on” your stitches on your needles and form a foundation row. This is perhaps one of the most difficult steps in knitting. It is very helpful to get someone to demonstrate this for you or to do it along side you.  Bind off- The process at the end of your project of removing your stitches off of your needle without unraveling by lifting the first stitch over the second is referred to as “binding off.”  Knit stitch- The knit stitch is the most basic stitch. It has a loop structure that forms a flat vertical fabric face.  Purl stitch- The purl stitch is the reverse of the knit stitch. It has a loop structure that is a horizontal semicircle.  Gauge- The number of stitches or rows per inch is referred to as the gauge.  Decrease- Reducing the number of stitches in a row is termed decreasing.  Increase- Adding the number of stitches in a row is termed increasing.  Slip stitch- Stitching from the left hand needle to the right hand needle as if to purl stitch is the slip stitch.  Work even- To work even is to continue in a specified pattern without increasing or decreasing.  Knit wise- Inserting the needle into the stitch as if you were going to knit is referred to as knit wise.  Place markers- A place marker is a piece of contrasting yarn or a purchased stitch marker onto the needle.  Skip- Skipping refers to the specified number of stitches of the previous row to work into the next stitch.  Slip Stitch- The slip stitch is to pass a stitch from the left-hand needle to the right hand needle as to purl stitch without working it.

and i the face i used Tipsy Fox words she sent me.


Picture of thousands of words

Late last night, I was on the computer talk to a friend and surfing Ravelry…. When I see I have been earburned in a CPaAG Topic. So I click over to the topic by TipsyFox, asking if anyone would be willing to draw for yarn. Well to make a long story short she looked at my online portfolio and saw a picture I did of Avril Lavigne ( shown below, zoomed in the zoom feature is located at the top right of the image) out of her song lyrics.

TipsyFox want a picture of her and her son Zander ( image below), To be created in the same fashion. Since I have not done this since college, I was twisted( j/k) into doing it.  So I decided to start doing a blog on my progress though this new challenge I that I accepted. so stay tuned for more updates from me.

that all I have for now 😛 back to Photoshop than Illustrator.



Would love comments 😛

Great swamp

okay i am a swap on Ravelry in a completely pointless and arbitrary group (CPaAG.) Well CPaAG has swap every so months and this it was to make a big surpise ball of goodness. I went overboard on the yarn since my swappie Yarngasm ( love the name BTW) (Amanda). Likes thicker yarn so i raid my stash and thicker yarns i have dyed and decided be a little evil by putting homespun on the outside :P.  It was great to see she loved all the stuff in the package (snerk). I really liked that she post the whole destruction of  ball of yarn on her blog. There still more cool things coming to Amanda today. Cant wait for her to see the stuff i designed just for her.

i had to add one picture from her blog