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Great swamp

okay i am a swap on Ravelry in a completely pointless and arbitrary group (CPaAG.) Well CPaAG has swap every so months and this it was to make a big surpise ball of goodness. I went overboard on the yarn since my swappie Yarngasm ( love the name BTW) (Amanda). Likes thicker yarn so i raid my stash and thicker yarns i have dyed and decided be a little evil by putting homespun on the outside :P.  It was great to see she loved all the stuff in the package (snerk). I really liked that she post the whole destruction of  ball of yarn on her blog. There still more cool things coming to Amanda today. Cant wait for her to see the stuff i designed just for her.

i had to add one picture from her blog


Craft logo-Rough draft

I been making a lot of crocheted and knit thing for  people like ( baby blanket) i really need a label and decided i want a baby elephant and kiwi (fruit) with heart as the white middle part. I still have not thought up a name for what i am going call my crafts that i am going to make. Below image of elephant and kiwi pleases don’t uses image yourself this is copyright protect since i created this 100% in illustrator

Rough draft

I would love some feedback  about the graphic and suggestion on a name……

other pics

here the other pic that i wanted to add last night of my hair but started watch Penelope (2008) version when my internet, phone and TV were down since some stupid idiot most likely hit the DSL fios line. when i finally got the internet back i started playing priston tale on my 50 inch plasma TV through the HDMI hook up.

close up



new color

Ok this Tuesday i went to get my hair highlighted, cut, and styled.  Well i decided to let my crazy artist show through in my hair. So i got bright red chunks of highlight  on the  lower back section of my hair. I have one picture of the back here with me at work….. the other picture of my hair straight with the color are at home so i will be adding them later.

Bright red hair

new laptop

here the new laptop i bought over the weekend…… man it soooo much faster than my old one. i love my hubby his the best ❤

its working pretty good. hope it stay that way

progress bar

Ok  i have just added Work in progress bar with  the 2 crocheting project i am working on now both are using Lion brand pattern which i have modified to fit my needs.  I am very closes to finishing my mom’s shawl and will be posting picture of the finished product here.

the progress bar is a pain at first but you jut have to play around with it.