Monthly Archives: November 2010

Great swamp

okay i am a swap on Ravelry in a completely pointless and arbitrary group (CPaAG.) Well CPaAG has swap every so months and this it was to make a big surpise ball of goodness. I went overboard on the yarn since my swappie Yarngasm ( love the name BTW) (Amanda). Likes thicker yarn so i raid my stash and thicker yarns i have dyed and decided be a little evil by putting homespun on the outside :P.  It was great to see she loved all the stuff in the package (snerk). I really liked that she post the whole destruction of  ball of yarn on her blog. There still more cool things coming to Amanda today. Cant wait for her to see the stuff i designed just for her.

i had to add one picture from her blog


Gail Shawl

Here the 2nd chart repeat that finished in my first Gail Shawl  which done in Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball in Fresh Fish 1564. I at least think i going be giving the in a holiday exchange i doing…. or i might uses the watermelon color i  have at home……


unemployed but okay

well i worked at training company for over 3 and half years and just got laid off Nov 8th. Was not surprised by this just a little pissed off since i just came back from vacation and they hand me my paper saying i have 2 week left. But i am okay i decided to do a couple thing online while looking for a job i will be starting to sell stuff on artfire with my store name being Lazy Red Panda

and i going make a store fronts on a couple online printing sites. And i have start really knitting more too i make my first Gail (nightsong) shawl ❤