Monthly Archives: May 2010

Rainbow fingerless mitts

Friday i got my yarn from Play at Life Fiber. When i saw the Jest Aran Maki yarn in Bright Rainbow, i had to put down the baby blanket and crochet some fingerless mitt/gloves. I found Quick Crochet Skinny Mitts by Christa Casebeer. Which i kinda tweaked to fit what i wanted in my mitts. I keep repeating Row 2 whenever the yarn changed color, i wanted more texture in the  mitts too so i changed rows in the middle i did DC, HDC, DC. Well that good paragraph talking about them let me show them to you.

After taking these picture i notice that i  have it inside-out so i flipped correctly i take picture of that later i did take a picture when i made it to the orange ( which below) but i frogged back to the green because i didnt like how the decreacing DC made the mitts fit my hand.

well off to crochet hope to finish the first one today or maybe both 😀