Craft logo-Rough draft

I been making a lot of crocheted and knit thing for  people like ( baby blanket) i really need a label and decided i want a baby elephant and kiwi (fruit) with heart as the white middle part. I still have not thought up a name for what i am going call my crafts that i am going to make. Below image of elephant and kiwi pleases don’t uses image yourself this is copyright protect since i created this 100% in illustrator

Rough draft

I would love some feedback  about the graphic and suggestion on a name……


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I am a Graphic Designer, who loves to Read, Play with Graphic Programs, Video games, Crocheting and Now Knitting too, Playing Tera online with hubby View all posts by loves2design

4 responses to “Craft logo-Rough draft

  • Tia

    Hi, I came across your site via Ravelry (I forget how).

    The logo idea is cute! The only suggestions I are to keep the elephant and the kiwi in the same style (I.E., flat colors like the elephant, or detailed like the kiwi, or find a balance between the two, as the contrast is slightly harsh), and maybe have the elephant holding the kiwi up a little with a raised trunk? It would centralize the image a little better.

    Uhm…no suggestions for names, but I’m sure it’ll be as cute as the logo. Anyway, those are my thoughts. Good luck!

    • loves2design

      Thanks for your comment 😀 I have been so busy at work that i have not time to change the logo. Yea the style are very different i thinking i going stay with the style of the elephant.

  • Omi Salavea

    Oh! That is so cute! I have very little Drawing/Image -type skills… I wish I could start developing my own logo.

    • loves2design

      thank you for the comment have been on my blog much or i would commented back sooner 😀 i am glad you like it. i have a totally new idea that i have not done to my logo i should be post a update on my blog soon 🙂

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