Monthly Archives: September 2009

red pandas tail

after finishing the red panda i went to look at some picture and found that red panda have long tail so i decided to add one to my panda. Image below 😛



#2 done

here are some image of the 2nd panda for the CAL i been taking apart in. Hope you like the image would love feedback. Thanks.





panda #1 done

ok same CAL i been doing for the 3 week or 4 weeks…….

here are some images like 7 lol i had to take that many i think my panda looks so cute 🙂








here the side my gap at the top were bigger than Tamie’s so i put my 9 mm eyes on the outside i think i like it better that way

hope you like looking at the pictures 😛 now time to get summary  of chapter 3 in art history.

red panda head

ok  i put together my 2nd panda while i am work on the first one so here some picture of  the 2nd head.

red panda


close up ear

close up of back ear

update on CAL

heres more of my very first Amigurumi…. protype panda head with eye, ear, and nose.




done again

busy busy

Today the day i start to finishing my kitchen cabinet door and drawer doors….. stripped them already now it time to stain and paint. Over at my parents since my house doesnt have a garage (old owners converted the 2 car garage into a room.)  Will have before and after pictures once i get the doors up which most likely will be in Oct. maybe the last week of sept.  man i am a slacker…….. i took the door out the kitchen over a year ago..

another hat

here are some picture of  another  hat  i made. These picture were taking before i felted.  Right now the hat still wet from felting but i love so much more  can want to take picture of it when it dry.

back hat

The back of my head


my friend Courtney with the hat on she goofing off