Sony ebook reader Cover

i wanted to post the image of a project that i finished before i started making a shawl for my mom. I had my Sony PRS-505 for almost 6 month and i was getting tired of the plain brown cover. So i decided to make a crocheted cover to put over my plain brown cover. Here some images:

here the flower that i placed a snap button to keep the cover cl0sed:


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I am a Graphic Designer, who loves to Read, Play with Graphic Programs, Video games, Crocheting and Now Knitting too, Playing Tera online with hubby View all posts by loves2design

2 responses to “Sony ebook reader Cover

  • Byx

    I really like that flower! Is there anyway you could tell me how to make it? =] I’d like to put it on a bag that I’m making to carry around my yarn!

    • loves2design

      first thing i did way i used a very light weight yarn that had has a little shimmer to it and i doubled it up to get a more puffy look…… i have 2nd flower that i am half way through with the same yarn i think it some kind of baby yarn. I normally work in lion brand homespun yarn but with the pattern i found and used for this flower i could not see any of the details.

      below is the link to the pattern i followed. I know there was one part in it that i had mod a little or reword so i could understand but my brain not working today. if i remember what i changed i post it on here. Thank for the comment 🙂

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