Hello world!

Decided I was bored and wanted to make a blog about my art/life adventures. I am hoping to added past crocheting projects, graphics, and other art things. Also i will most likely post stuff about the books i read too.

I know most of my post will hardly be read since I am very bad at right in complete sentence much to my displeasure I always miss words when I am writing. I finally decided this how my mind think so what if hardly anyone can understand what i am writing about since not a lot of people are nonlinear thinker and cant jump around from one topic to another totally unrelated topic. But I have really found out this is how an artist mind works so I really don’t feel uneducated by my poor grammar, sentence structure, or anything else.


About loves2design

I am a Graphic Designer, who loves to Read, Play with Graphic Programs, Video games, Crocheting and Now Knitting too, Playing Tera online with hubby View all posts by loves2design

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