Monthly Archives: August 2009

given up

Ok after doing 2 hexagon I am give up for now on make the queen size blanket and going to make a  easier one

i have update again to make it for a queen size bed.

bed pattern

the pattern is colorful so i could see the # of squares i need for each pattern


more 50 inch fun

ok played PT again last night so i decided to take a couple picture from where i sit looking at the 50 inch plasma. i found out my computer can run at the highest screen resolution of 1280 by 1024.  here some image and and i found my screen captures 🙂

50 incha again


actually can see laptop in this one


Anthony’s Hat

I just wanted to post some picture of  the hat i crocheted today it took me about 4 hours to finishes complete at work. I also found out i crochet very big compared to patterns so i had to restart this hat a couple times…….lol now on to my great aunts shawl  🙂

hat Finished hat

I made him wear the hat so i could have a picture

I made him wear the hat 😛

side of the hat

Lovc to hear comments about the hat. i will find the link to the pattern i kinda followed and post it here later 🙂

so me

Saw this image yesterday when i was on facebook it was posted by lion barn yarn….. but i had to have it on my blog cause it so me i have yarn and books everywhere 🙂

Laptop hooked up


Here is my new laptop hooked up to my 50 inch plasma tv through HDMI.  I playing a free MMORPG called Priston Tale.  Just wanted to show some people how i been playing PT lately. I hope to get more picture the next time i play on my TV

other pics

here the other pic that i wanted to add last night of my hair but started watch Penelope (2008) version when my internet, phone and TV were down since some stupid idiot most likely hit the DSL fios line. when i finally got the internet back i started playing priston tale on my 50 inch plasma TV through the HDMI hook up.

close up



new color

Ok this Tuesday i went to get my hair highlighted, cut, and styled.  Well i decided to let my crazy artist show through in my hair. So i got bright red chunks of highlight  on the  lower back section of my hair. I have one picture of the back here with me at work….. the other picture of my hair straight with the color are at home so i will be adding them later.

Bright red hair